Sunday, December 29, 2002

JC Reunion shows, woo-HOO!! Not a finer time to be had, y'all. It's just like riding a bicycle, now ain't it! TOUR!! TOUR!! Tour...? What's scary for me is how totally adapted I am to rock&roll hours again, what Kurt referred to last night as "the legendary Johnson City party pace"...less than two days, it's all right back with me. I know exactly how to do THIS lifestyle choice. It took me ten years to get used to getting up at 8 o'clock. And it still sucks ass. Where's the bus?

What a blast to see Rodney Webb, Gary Miller, Bobby, David Guffey, Martin Patrick, Leslie, Pat & Angie, Jael...And with kids! The second generation is shaping up. Remember parents, keep working on that plan for global domination. (Found myself thinking about Mike and Lynne an awful lot these past few days, also.) Brook and I collected a gob of new email addresses, so look for fresh bloggers soon.

Major props go, too, to the Plezbygod and the 'Tonesbygod and their stellar roster of guest artists, the mighty Hans Rotenberry (who writes a mean haiku, too, by the way), Mike Hilliard, who is rock&roll royalty in this town, too (even though I know he'll never see this) and then...The Professor. Next time your car gets a flat in the pouring rain, stop a moment and picture in your mind...The Professor. I defy a smile to come to your face. Kudos, sir.


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