Friday, January 17, 2003

Well, I didn't mean it like THAT, honestly. I didn't think of how that all might sound to our co-publishers Lisa and Brook. And in life in general, I think none of us has peaked at all. If I really thought I'd live the best of my LIFE already, I would feel pretty cheated. It's just that the scene thing that we're supposed to tell stories about is pretty much over and that telling stories about it here is pretty much like telling any story about anything anywhere. The telling of it tends to change what the thing was. Allan seemed to be saying that really a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a stupid thing to have because it's not really the best people who played the music anyway and because it sort of violates the spirit of rock anyway. And my point is that ANY kind of remembrance thing of any type violates the spirit of the thing you're remembering. Changes it anyway. It's just inevitable. So my point was that a RNR Hall of Fame is no dumber than our informal JC Hall of Fame here, which I find NOT dumb in the least. I find it the very essence of being human, to want to record and memorialize things. And that's one of the best things about people. We work really hard sometimes to keep good things alive. And, yeah, I didn't really like Almost Famous, either. That was just an example, and probably not such a good one.

Once again: most of us are neither dead nor irrelevant as individuals. Our little "scene" is dead. That's what I was getting at. I didn't write that very carefully this morning. Methinks the Blog is definitely doing its good work. Most definitely. Ok, I promised earlier to be quiet for a month. See you mid February, fellow JC Bloggers. In the meantime, write some good stories!


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