Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The last I heard of Jeff, he was a long haul trucker. Really,,, no shit! Jeff has always been one of my favorite people and a forgotten hero in the early JC scene. Little known fact; he was one of 4 bass players that Final Curtain had in its history, but it should be noted that when Bruce first suggested starting a band, it was Jeff that volunteered before anyone else that night at QB's. Mind you starting a punk band in JC during 1984 was a risky enough proposition, and at one of our shows we had a black guy demand that we play Lynrd Skynrd,,,, strange and violent night, but I digress,,,, anyway, I heard that Jeff was a trucker from a client as he was being sent to jail for raping his best friend's wife, so that info might be suspect.

One other Final Curtain Fun Fact,,, at one time, the majority of our members had dated Anne Canter... including Jeff!

Jeff left the area in 1985 or so and moved with his family to California, but in the late 80's and early 90's I spoke to him via phone and he was in Chattanoga. After that, I lost touch with him... super super super nice guy, and probably the greatest intellect ever to drive an 18 wheeler!

So if you are out there Jeff and reading this, write me at bill37663@hotmail..... and Nicky if you want to know about who has six toes, you better write me there too. It's kind of a long story..........

Also Jeff, if you are reading this, how egotistical does a person have to be to do a name search on themselves???


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