Monday, December 29, 2003

Let Me Know What You Think

If I have learned anything from TV in the last year, it's that drug users, even casual drug users, support terrorism. According to the commercials I see, this is because the drug trade is supporting terrorism financially. With this in mind, I must now assume that Rush Limbaugh is a supporter of Osama Bin Laden thru his abuse of Oxycontin. Perhaps that is why Bin Laden has not been caught... maybe the right wing regressives don't want him to spill the, why isn't Rush being interogated under the Patriot Act using aggresive techniques involving jumper cables, pliers and duct tape? For all we know, he could be the key to stopping the terrorist threat to America, he may be able to provide the missing link between Al Qaida and Iraq! Write your Congressman today!


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