Thursday, March 18, 2004

Bush/Kerry Tax contrasts

The Bush camp says that if Kerry is elected he will raise taxes by $900 billion.
Kerrys says if elected he will let end only the tax break given to those making over $200,000 a year. If we accept that both of these are true statements, (and there is really no reason to suppose anymore that Bush has ever told the truth about anything) then we are left with one unavoidable conclusion....

Bush cut taxes for those motherfuckers by 900 billion fucking dollars!!! I just can't believe that any body could be that irresponsible!! Fuck! We have a war on terrorism, a war on Iraq, crippling unemployment, and a myriad of other problems and these fuckers give the richest americans a 900 billion fucking dollar tax break!!! Maybe thats why the deficit has gone thru the fucking roof since these rocket scientists took office!! And these are the same rich fuckers that are sending jobs overseas to create even more unemployment.. fuck! (Did I scream fuck yet???)

Do these bastards hate America so much they want to fucking bankrupt it? Or do they hate children so much they want every dollar our children and grand children ever earn go towards paying these cheap fuckers fucking bills? cheap shit bastards....


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