Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Bush Balanced Budget News! (again and again)

Congress will come back into session briefly in the next few weeks. Among the work to be done is raising the ceiling for the national debt for the third time since Bush took office. We now owe more than any country ever. Four years of Bush has cost us more in debt than all of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. Bush has spent it all in just 4 years. The national debt is a disgrace, and congress put off raising the ceiling on it until after the election, apparently because it would not play well in the press.

On another note, we have all heard that this election was a triumph for "conservative" values (though what is conservative about the spending splurge the right has been on is beyond me.) If so, how would that explain the absolute ass whipping that was put on Alan Keyes? Here is a guy so conservative that Rush Limbaugh has used him to fill in for him when he was too stoned on oxy to talk, yet he gets the worst pasting in the whole election. This guy is a poster child for the anti abortion crowd, yet got beaten soundly. He is so anti abortion that once in the republican primary he wanted to show a video of an abortion as his campaign theme, yet a self described liberal with a funny name kicked his butt. 51% is sounding less and less like a mandate....


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