Friday, August 02, 2002

Ah, good one Scott. The median surfing event… That was one “off-roading” experience I was glad not to be part of. :^P

As far as the turnip goes, I believe we have most of those archived in a file folder. A great mag!

Let’s start at the beginning of my music career (and quite a few others in JC). There was a “band” called Andy Boy. Yes, it was named after the produce company. This “band” consisted of quite a few of my musical friends and was formed in high school. Our deal was writing and recording songs on the weekends. Since none of us drank at the time, we were very productive. I still have 20 or 30 cassettes and many open reel tapes of our music; but that’s another story.

The great thing about Andy Boy was our musical timeline. We essentially went through a 10-year average band lifespan in a year and a half. We had:
1. Our skiffle period
2. Our heavy rock period
3. Our experimental period
4. Our breakup and split into two bands period:
a. The Acid Cows
b. DKM (Drew, Kurt & Mark) Sorry guys, I can’t remember the name.
5. Our get back together and suck period.
It was good stuff and great training ground for later musical careers.

By the end of its existence, probably 30 people had played in Andy Boy. I might be bold in saying, but quite a few of the most influential musicians in the JC scene played in AB at one time or another. In the next few months, I want to start a timeline/family tree of the musicians in JC. Also, I’m going to start digitizing the best of AB stuff before the tapes all rot and start a companion site that is music of this time.

I’m done rambling’ now. Keep the stories coming!


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