Thursday, November 28, 2002

Reading back over the blog from end to end, a question jumped out at me and then wouldn't leave me alone. Why was it such a big deal that the Nightmares covered "Suffragette City?" Well good gawd awmighty, lemme see...I was in the 7th grade in 1974, and me and my one little girlfriend I grew up riding horses with in Kingsport were the only ones in our school who liked T. Rex and Gary Glitter and Lou Reed (oh yes, Lou had a heavy eye make up period) and well, gosh, Bowie too, and "Suffragette City" was a way we defined ourselves to ourselves in a lovely world of androgyny where girls could be boys and boys could be girls in a mixed up muffled up shook up kind of a way, you dig? Now a lot of water HAD passed under the bridge in 12 years, so there was no approximate meaning that could ever be the same, but had to be an omen, like. To walk into a redneck bar called "Cowboys" and hear it? Creapin' fuckin' jesus, how absurdly cool was that? It was a moment of absolute sublimity, surrealness in spades. And guys, if you want to take this as a hint for the set list...I'll make you some cookies? Better yet, I'll tie an apron on you and teach you to make them yourselves, so you never have to be without cookies again. In fact, I think it would look awfully cute if you wore aprons to the gigs...Ah, the good times. Let them roll.


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