Sunday, November 10, 2002

That is a tradition dating back to 1992, when Newt declared the Dems to be Totalitarians as a result of Republican losses in the House, Senate and White House. I don't subscribe to that notion now anymore than then. I also beleive that winning by less than 1% nationwide does not a mandate make!

When I was a child in the Boy Scouts I fished the rivers and lakes around here. In high school we would skip out early to get to the Steam Plant in Rogersville in Feb. when the stripes were running out of Cherokee lake to the warmer water by the plant. I once caught a Sauger and it scared the hell out of me as their markings look alot like a rattle snake.... I think the fish around here that puts up the best fight, pound for pound, are the brown trout in the watauga river. Carp and other bottom dwellers are often beaten on the rocks by fishermen locally. Carp were imported from Japan, and are choking the waterways of the south.


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