Friday, October 11, 2002

Plez here. I have gone back and read the last 50 posts to the J.C. blog. I hadn't thought about the Prudes in a long time. I wish they were still around. I remember one night when they sang at the Highlander, and Doug the sound man just kept bugging them by asking lurid questions from his soundboard mic. They sang "Iko Iko," I remember. No offense to anyone else, but they may have been the most legitimately sellable thing ever to come from this place.

Now that I've brought Doug's name up. I heard a rumor recently that he has on tape EVERY show from Highlander. That would include a couple of Southern Culture shows, the Georgia Satellites, and of course all of the local people.

No one has told this Highlander story. In December of 1988, they held one of those toys for tots benefit shows there. It was a very strange combination because first, you've got all the biker guys and their women. Then, add to that the fact that these Harley guys are walking in with Barbie dolls and what not to add to the donations. Then, because it was the Highlander, the acts were like, you know, us and our types, so there was a mix of the bikers and the regular crowd, too. As with all of these stories, it doesn't sound like much now that I write it down, but in my memory, that was a pretty strange event. Good strange, like the flavor of some Indian foods, though.

Ok, that's my post. Haven't done this in a while, don't know if I will soon, but I love the Blog, I really do. That message should be clear.


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