Sunday, September 29, 2002

Hello everyone. Mark here. Long-time subscriber; first-time caller. I was the Nightmares' drummer. I was the guy with the mullet and a bit of a temper. GREAT TO SEE ALL OF YOU, I've been reading this stuff for a few weeks. Pretty intimidating room. I was still in high school when many of you were studying mysticism and such,
>ahem< but I'd gladly oblige you with tales of true Johnson City Dirt and raunchy, ribald tales of the Nightmares adventures on the road. I rarely have the time to do more than read what's posted here. As I mentioned before, I have a bit of a temper which has rendered me computerless for the moment. (long story)
Someone in here mentioned Claudia.....where the hell is she now? She and Linda Barnett were roommates at one point...(1989???) and they came to my rescue once in Charlotte, NC ... (Longer story) Took me to the beach, got me drunk and nursed me back to health over the course of two weeks after I split from the Nightmares in 1990. I am forever grateful for their kindness.
I watch this site occasionally when time allows at work and will gladly answer any questions you have for me. Much love to all....


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