Thursday, September 19, 2002

I won't get around to getting Blue Jackson kicked out of Chucky Trading Company until I first report how we embezzeled 3 weeks of rehersal time at the Community Theatre, ignored the NO ALCOHOL AT THE THEATER rule, spent more time coming up with a name than in writing our entire first set, managed to get 7 people on stage at the Down Home (including a bass player dressed for some reason as a gangster), made it snow inside the Down Home, made a huge pile of money for Phil Leonard, and got ourselves kicked out of Down Home. Then, and only then, can we explain how we, with the assistence of the DCI, got Blue Jackson kicked out of Chucky Trading Company. After that we can move on to getting ourselves kicked out of Chucky, returning to Down Home, getting kicked out again, and all of that will be easier than explaining how we got kicked out of Down Home on a night we were not playing, and most of us were not even there....

Julie: I don't know if I've met you or not. But any friend of Brook's..... say, have you ever been to Cimmeron, New Mexico????

The Former First Dog should be named "Enronworldcomdesertercowardcokeheaddrunkardlyingpretzelchokeabortioncauserconstituionignoringshadowgovernmentwhineyass-
secondplaceinfloridaunlessmybrotherdoesthecountfuckface", but we could just call him "Kenny Boy"

Remeber in 2004, Re Elect Gore!

by the way, I would be interested in hearing stories of how other bands came up with names, or actually more interesting to me would be a list of names rejected on the way. We have some dandies, which I hope to share soon. Perhaps Spam could help me with this....

And finally I need to write sometime about how the movie "Shane" became a metaphor for Taoist detachment and why I owe a big thanks to Brook, Donnie, Heather and John for coming to my defense on that occasion.....


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