Monday, September 16, 2002

Yes there was a MacBett. In the program to it, I was thanked for quitting it. George Mactee directed it, and Roland Tester was in it. I don't recall anyone else.... so while it may have been the drugs, they were not halluciniginic (which are known to cause poor spelling.) It starred a guy named Scott Snell, who was a regular at the Community Theatre at the time, and may still be.

I have been meaning to mention the first time I remember meeting Heather, although I may have met her before then, was at the first Final Curtain show at the Down Home. We had spent a total of 5 minutes writing a song called "Tinglehoff Blues" which was about Kingsport's own Anti-Rock and Roll Preacher, Marty Tinglehoff. Although quickly written (it consisted of and E chord followed by and A chord, repeat until bored) it took about 45 minutes to preform, as it's lyrics were a free form rant by Bruce (and we all know how good he is at that.) Anyway, about 15 minutes into the song I was bored and walked off the stage to get a beer. We had about 3 guitarists, so the abscence of one was rarely noticed. About the time I got tired of mingling with the audience and went back to the stage, Heather took the Mic from Bruce and started chanting:"The Devil's in my uterus...He's yours Marty! He's yours!!"


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