Monday, September 16, 2002

Tony, you are right about the computing power. Hell, probably not enough to compute the number of bands I was in - Bass player is synomous with music whore me thinks. I have considered creating a database to do just that. Sort of the six degrees of separation kind of thing. I know I’m one degree removed from Johnny Carson having played with the old tonight show band drummer Ed Shaughnessy. Check this shit out

How about those burns!

What about the fact that we are all once removed from GG Allen via Johnny Puke? Now that’s fucking scary!

On the JC thing: Having played in all sorts of shit-hole college towns, I must say that JC was/is unique. Not that there were not other towns with good scenes but that JC had one. People were so crazy for music. I knew tons of people back then who looked forward to playing JC just for the crowd response.


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