Friday, September 06, 2002

Hello bloggers,
ahhh, the 80's. I thought Quarterbacks,the Pub Outback were my favorite places to play and of course Down Home, where sooooo many of us got our starts. Hi, I am Doug from ELECTRIC MIDDLE EARTH, anybody out there remember us? Well, we are still kicking and playing at BUCK'S PIZZA on Tues.Sept.10th @ 10-1 and VITO's Sept.Fri. the 13th. I remember playing shows with Floyd Eats Mayberry,also Beat Your MOther with a Putrid Herring. Here is a little known fact for ya... FYI..We were the first band to give STiNKY fINGER their start. In fact, we backed them up at a show where they opened for us at Pub Outback. This was when it was Ugly,ugly and jOhnny Puke era. We were doing or psyhedelic stuff , very cool show. WE still do some of our old 80's standards plus lots of new music. Come out and see us. We would love to see you there.!


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