Sunday, August 18, 2002

Chris: I know the guy you are talking about, I think it was Steve. I run into him from time to time, for a while he was working at the Hay House (or living there) in Kingsport. When I was still a probation officer I would see him there. Later I ran into him at scouting events, and I'm not sure why he was there either. Really nice guy, but was from a different mold from the rest of the Dracula gang. As I read your first entry today, I remembered that The Olde West had a full time bartender on staff, but served neither liquer nor beer. The bartender was a recovering alcoholic. Strange business model. To complete the off stage troika of bad nicknames, our sound/light man was Ric Milhorn, who you nicknamed "Hell Hammer." Ah the memories are flowing back like Pabst Blue Ribbon on quarter beer night at the Horseshoe Lounge....
As to your abilities as a director, anytime you want to put on another show here give me a call, I'm in. Especially if you let me be the "won''t feed a line to the forgetfull actor a week before opening, stage managing Nazi" again!

By the way, for anyone interested in party games, as a result of the Dracula production, Stinky Finger is a mere five (5) degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.


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