Tuesday, August 13, 2002

This is a noble cause.

I hope to contribute what I can to it. Only a few of you may remember me: Allan Maki. I surmise that I am a few years older than most of the bloggers that have posted thus far and, due to that, I was on the periphery of the whole "scene" back then. I finished up my undergraduate time at ETSU in '84 and was a working stiff in the mid 80's when JC exploded (musically speaking). I did get out and see a lot of shows. Mainly Nightmares, Plane Jane and a couple of Sticky Finger shows. I remember going to see Gov't Cheese, The Paralyzers, Blooshrooms, 63 Eyes, Uncle Green, Dillon Fence and beholding Southern Culture for the first time at the Highlander.

I was living on 10th Ave for a time in '87 when the Nightmares used our basement space for practice, and what not. I recall coming home from work one day and seeing a neighborhood boy of about 10 twisting away on the sidewalk outside our house as the Nightmares jammed in the basement.

Will publish more when time permits.

Elvis' brain in a jar,

Allan Maki


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