Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I may have a very low-fi copy of some of the Paralyzers' tunes on an unmarked cassette somewhere. "I Break Down" is a great song that I use to do in my blessedly brief solo career before playing in The Bystanders (b. 1997 d. 1999 RIP).

Other tunes I tried to cover were the Nightmares "Look the Other Way" (GREAT bass line John) and "Daydream"

Did anybody go to the Nightmares' Knoxville gig at Geronimo's? Oh, the humanity! Dirt floor. A guy sportin' a Mohawk screaming: "Play more Bowie!" First time I heard the Nightmares cover the Dead's "Truckin'." My friend Munch tripping over the owner (doing God knows what) on the way to the bathroom located at the end of a pitch-black corridor.


What current bands (local to JC or otherwise) do you think would have dug (or sound like they were from) the JC mid-80's music scene?

The Strokes?
Death Cab for Cutie?
Guided By Voices?



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