Sunday, August 18, 2002

Thanks ever so to all new JC bloggers out there (hail, UglyUgly)--
It is a more formidible task than I realize, sometimes, for even good writers to reconstruct emphemera from their past lives. I was talking with Scott Plez about this just last night. (We went to see an AC/DC tribute band- from Knoxville- at the local sports bar. Who says the surreality has stopped?) It is my hope to achieve, in this electronic format, the same sort of thing that happens whenever a bunch of us old-timers get together at something like a Stinky reunion show and start those conversations where one tiny shred of memory leads to another, and a contradiction, and usually a few revelations as well. We always end up saying, "Damn, we shoulda taped that," but there is something so invasive about dragging recording devices into casual social settings. I just hate that. But I'm hoping this will take off in the way those beautiful, spontaneous conversational rambles always seem to. We're hoping to start posting pictures on the blog soon, which I think will help. So just remember, if you want to avoid me coming to your house with a tape recorder, POST!


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