Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The Dialogue benefit would've been in April of '88. It took me a while to decide whether it was '87 or' 88, but I finally nailed it down because I remember going to Barb and Ann and Paul's place on Holston after school to change clothes. If it was '87 then I would've still been living on the tree streets. I really think Plane Jane themselves may have played that night as well, although I don't know how that would've happened unless it was through them being neighbors with Brook and John at Melubro Court. And I guess Brian and Heather were living there too at the time, in number 8. Anyway, there were three bands. I was mostly occupied with taking money and handing out literature to promote student activism in the era of Reaganomics. Ann gave me a break for a little while, I remember. She had that great jacket that had all the archie mcphee toys sewn into a little fringe along the back. I was down there for ages for some reason, watching Hicks climb up into the ceiling and change light bulbs, dangling from these flimsy little fixtures and doing pre-"mystery science theatre" voice-overs to whatever was on tv. (In the front? In the back? Was there ever a tv in the back? Doesn't seem right.) Brook had gone out of town on some campus rabble-rousing, or maybe the model UN at Appy State. The background on the indebtedness was, Dialogue never started out to be a newspaper; it was just a student organization, an attempt to revivify Brook's earlier "Students for Peace and Justice" by inviting conservatives or anybody with a point of view to participate, so that we weren't just all the time preaching to the converted. Some kid we didn't know just insisted it would be this brilliant idea to get a 606 loan and put out a paper, and of course vanished before the first issue ever had to be laid out or taken to the printer or distributed...or the loan paid back. I never did see the figures on that (I was the poetry editor, for christ's sake) but I assume the benefit must've cured a large part of our problem, because no irate SGA senators ever repossessed my car. I also remember it getting freezing cold and Hicks loaning me his black leather jacket- underneath it all, perhaps some species of a southern gentleman? Nah...


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