Sunday, September 15, 2002

So Coker,,,, what you are saying is that Bruce did not stop PST because it wasn't making money, only that it wasn't making enough money to pay for it's own printing once access to free printing disappeared. In other words, it was not profitable. Like you, I admired Bruce for his love of the J.C, scene and his dedication to it's nurturing via PST. I thought it was great and looked forward to it's publication each whenever, and like you I contributed articles to it. I agree that Bruce never wrote it for the money,,, it was always a chore to pry 50 cents from a college student at a bar on quarter beer night when he was selling it.......In addition Bruce paid his dues the first time Final Curtain played at "The Village of Pub Venus Out Back" We were the first band to play there that did not write it's set list by alternating Lynard Skynard and Molly Hatchet covers ("so it don't get boring.") We were warmly recieved by rednecks that occupied the place, who lauded the arrival of the Alt./punk scene by throwing glass ashtrays, as well as a half pitcher of beer at us. Their applause included comments on our music, family lineage, and our house pets as I recall. Quite the scarey evening. Final Curtain at the time was Bruce, John Smith, Roland Tester, Myself, and Wayne Winkler of all people making his only appearence with us. I think Frank was there too, but I don't remember if he was still in the band. There was a table of construction workers there that had a couple of black guys at it with 3 or 4 of the biggest white guys I had ever seen and our show brought a great feeling of racial harmony to the room as they put aside thier differences long enough to all hate us. This was, and remains, the worst show we ever did, and my personal least favorite.


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