Tuesday, September 17, 2002

The lost posting of Bill from a week ago (that got me scolded for being on AOL) went into the Grease band history. George Mactee (later of MacBett) ran into me in the fall of 1984. He was of the understanding that I was a mature young man that could be trusted to get a band together for his production of Grease (he was not the last director to intrust me with a position of responsibility in a play...see Chris's earlier comments re: Dracula.) I barely knew anything about playing the guitar, but knew someone who did. Frank Spangler agreed to help, but only on the condition that he enlist some guys from Andy Boy/Acid Cows; John (God) Smith and Donnie Poole. This was then the make up of "Five Neat Guys." The play was generally panned (this was when the J.C. and Kingsport papers reviewed plays) but the band was reviewed well, one reviewer even called us "the all too good rock and roll band." This would become the core that would become Final Curtain, and start the downward descent of East Tennessee culture in general......

more later!!

John, I'm still waiting on a copy of the John Smith is God Newsletter!!!!


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