Sunday, September 22, 2002

Hmmmmmmmm, well We were in Jeff Gold's Mysticism class with a bunch of hippies, who for some reason thought I was an irritating smartass (I know, it's had to imagine where they might have gotten that idea!) One day while Jeff was going over the concept of detachment as it related to Taoism, he asked if anyone had a western example. After a pregnant silence, with hippies stareing into space, I said "Shane", referring to the western movie. The hippies erupted with their usual wrath, when Donnie, and others, jumped to my defense, pointing out that the storyline of "Shane" did meet the criteria. Perhaps I was wrong on you being there, or which side you took!!

As I recall I needed the class as an elective for my major, while most of the rest of us were there because we thought it might involve Voodoo.


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