Friday, September 27, 2002

Final Curtain at various times consisted of:

Bruce Honeycutt, Frank Spangler, Donnie Pool, John Smith, Martin, Jeff Campbell, Heather, and myself (version one)

Bruce, Frankie, John, Roland Tester and myself (version B, "the golden age")

Bruce, John, Roland, Wayne Winkler and myself, (version tres) and;

Bruce, Roland, James Arwood, Ric Milhorn and myself, (the Return of the Bride of the Son of Final Curtain)

I hope I did not leave anyone out. It would be nice in retrospect to say we were a conceptual art group that encouraged "happenings" and "pushed the envelope" of publicly acceptable discourse and satire.... but actually we just wanted to get drunk and act like rock stars (much like the Ramones, another very good band.)


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