Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I attempted to post this at work today...and thought that I could but it didn't work
So now I'll give it a try at home (thanks anyway, Brook!)

HI Everyone!
Okay, I’ve been lurking long enough and for some reason
the publish button is actually showing up today (my
Netscape at work usually doesn’t agree with the Blog). My
memories are VERY VERY spotty- mostly due to 1986-1989. A
while back I wanted to log on with a handfull of catty
comments about the Fucking Prudes - decided that was just
too expected and girl-ish of me. I also just HATE to be
negative so I’ll say this about them- for a talentless
group of tasteless wanna-bes they really weren’t Too
terrible. Plus - I don’t think they really took their drinking
seriously and I just could not respect that!

I remember the cock in sock night- Donnie Poole and I
drove Kurt and John Hicks around. I remember we went to
Rosalie and Sandra’s apt on Maple. I think that John or
Kurt had a thing for Sandra because she seemed uptight and
virginal. I don’t remember if we made any other stops. I
do remember driving past Jay Sweeny’s Used Auto Lot and
Kurt deciding that “Jay Sweeny” would be a new term for
his stuff. As in “I’ve got my Jay Sweeny in a sock”
Now there's a phrase that really caught on!

I also barely remember the HRR. I do remember my ear being
pierced. I think I remember early dawn hours and being in
some sort of house with no window panes and some farm animals
hanging around. (looking IN the windows) As I write this I’m thinking I might be
WAY off base. I think that I donated all of this terribly
disgusting greasy ground beef. For some reason my parents
had gone in with someone on a half a cow and it was low
low low quality beef. It was so greasy that when you were
finished patting out burgers your hands looked like they
were dipped in vaseline.

This is all that is on my mind at the moment. I cannot be
held accountable for any misinformation. I love reading
everyone’s stories! More later!


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