Saturday, November 09, 2002

Damn that's a hell of an image....... anyway, I disagree Elizabeth, when the Democrat party effectivly reaches out to the middle ground we win. This was the way Clinton wrested the White House from Bush the First. Bush the Second can be beaten the same way, with the same issue. Note I say issue. The Democrat party is a big umbrella, with alot of folks under it. Each wants it's perspective to the forefront, and each has some validity to their position. But when we smother ourselves in issues we lose focus. The single Republican issue in the last election was "We are very American and we should go to war with Iraq because Bush Says So. If you don't support our drug plan/tax break/etc., you are not a very good american."

The issue to beat the Republican Party is, as it was in 1992, "Gee, you guys suck at running an Economy" This should be our mantra as we go forward from now. With it we can claim the middle ground and the left. America always votes it's pocketbook.
Remind Americans that we have in 2 years gone from a $175 billion surplus to a $350 billion deficit (a great deal of which is due to the tax breaks no one asked for, prior to 9/11). If this is how George balances his checkbook, imagine what he will do over the next 2 years!!! And he will have no one to blame it on except Trent "I can't go to Vietnam, I'm a Cheerleader" Lott. It is also fun to note that George "I can't go to Vietnam, I'm AWOL in Alabama to the point of Desertion" Bush has only one veteran on his forign policy team, Colin "I was in Vietnam defending Bill's right to be a smart ass, so you really should give me some respect" Powell, and he is the one who has spoken against going to war in Iraq......but I digress. We will be back, because they have no one to blame but themselves now, and they suck at taking responsibility too. Most are still trying to figure out how the Democrats are responsible for Enron and World Com....

And another thing, I once wrote an article for PST called "Bass Fishing in America"


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