Sunday, December 15, 2002

Barb, Brook, very funny road trip story. We’ve all pulled the ol’ sleep at a rest stop deal a time or two I guess. I was thinking about mine and Donna’s wedding day, back in '96. Donna’s parents said they wanted a real wedding and actually gave us a big budget to do a big deal wedding. We had this thought of hiring Scott Pleasant and the Pleztones for our wedding party. I used to work at Makatos and they were agreeable to letting us use their bar area.

We had a pretty good crowd there, but a lot of people from out of town. Many of my immediate gang was scattered; Eddie was in Arizona, and I didn’t even know exactly where Gary and Chuck were, somehow couldn’t get a hold of Kim… but we figured everyone would love it: a real rock ‘n roll band. A lot of people did love it, but some seemed to grumble something along the lines of “where’s the DJ,” and stuff like that. A lot of Donna’s family had come in from St. Louis. I remember standing among them in my tux, well on my way to feeling half crazed, pumping my fist in the air yelling “grunt like a pig, grunt like a pig…Oink! Oink!” with the band. Then I peered around at everyone and I swear, I think I even saw fear in their eyes they were looking so disturbed.

The band was real troopers too. I saw many sidelong glances they cast at each other. Looked like they struggled in several areas that night. But, we were the wedding people and we were happy with hearing Pleztones. They had the whole crowd with ‘em a couple of times. Scott Pleasant’s version of Like a Virgin was a hit. Most ridiculously, they did the damn hokey pokey and everyone jumped in for that.

Finally, towards the end, Donna and I staggered on stage and attempted to sing “Oliver.” This prompted some family members to give us cash gifts earlier than planned if we would agree not to try and sing another song. Anyway, thanks Scott, Drew and James for the great show. We’re still married and everything, so I’m glad we had a big deal party with the Pleztones.

While I’m rambling about weddings, I have to say that Barb and Drew’s wedding was the coolest, most wonderful wedding I have attended. Thanks for inviting us to that. By the way, I will be at both shows, so look forward to seeing everyone.


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