Monday, December 30, 2002

What can I say? They were great. So much energy between the crowd and the band. Now I have many of those great songs swirling around in my brain for the first time in 12 years! Brian mentioned to the crowd that the last time all 4 were on stage together, Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

Heard that John Smith has the original tapes of their two studio releases and is planning to release a CD(s). Is this correct?

Friday night really rocked. The local cable company taped the first set only. I saw many "ghosts" both nights. By ghosts I mean people that I recognized from the old days but never knew their names. Hello ghosts!!!

Kurt played his old Telecaster with his Mom's (correct?) picture on it and thru the same Fender amp he bought in '88.

Brian played a black Rickenbacker. Similar to the natural stained Rickenbacker he bought at the Roan St. Gulf station (with his gas card).

John Smith brought all his basses including a 12 string! Never seen one of those before. Total bass string count: 28!

Bleu Jackson was there Friday night looking eerily like David Lee Roth. Should've taken his picture.

I called out for "Eye of the Tiger", "Brick House" and "She Thinks I Still Care" 0 for 3.

OK - Friday night set list:

Set 1

Forget About You
Keep Walking
Good Guys Don't Wear White (The Standells - finally I know who did this song originally!)

Desperate Hyway
Easy Way Out
She's So Tall (this one kicked ass! Strained a neck muscle pogo-ing to it).

I Am a Rock Primitive Rose
Lizard Song
Can't Touch an Angel (with glowing mirrorball on Saturday night! Holy Vishnu!)

Little Bit of You
Route 66
All You Do Is Sin

Set 2 (my opinion the best of the 4 sets played over the weekend):

Talk Too Much
Whip It

Runaway Trains
Nash County
Ramblin Man

Hyway Song
Look the Other Way
You Think of Me

Jonesboro Woman
Going Nowhere

When Your Heart Gets Ripped in 2
These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
Johnny B. Goode (with special guest vocalist Burt!)
I Wanna Rock n' Roll All Night (Mark Ryalls on vocals)

Saturday night. Not much dancing space. Very crowded. Brian and Kurt couldn't keep their guitars in tune, especially Kurt's Gretsch. A much looser night (music wise).

Set 1:

same as Friday night except for one surprise.

When they played "Little Bit of You" they brought Tad Dickens up on stage to play guitar. Very Kool. Tad and Mark shook hands on stage (a very "VH1: Behind the Music" moment).

Set 2:

Same as Friday night except after "Whip It" they inserted the Cramps' "New Kind of Kick."

After "Look the Other Way", they played "Daydream" instead of "You Think of Me"

First Encore:

Johnny B. Goode (w/ Burrrrt)
Paint It Black (I called out for this one!)
These Boots...
Shake It All Over (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates)
Get Out Baby

(Brian's soliloquy for Get Out Baby involved meeting a woman in a sports bar who is throwing chicken wing bones at the TV while watching a hockey game. He is on a junket and invites her upstairs. Things are going smoothly until he invites her to a Titans football game. She's an Eagles' fan and tells him to "GET OUT!!!")

Second Encore:

What's Her Name (Warren Zevon)
I Wanna Rock n' Roll All Night


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