Monday, December 02, 2002

Wow, a Nightmares reunion show. I remember thinking how great these guys were back then. I hope to get to the show. Kurt was the only guy in the band that I really knew well because he was in Floyd Eats Mayberry with my brother. Hi Kurt. Is this going to be the original line-up? Always wanted to do a show with you guys. Anyway, on another subject I heard through the grape-vine that Final Curtain may be doing a show soon. Some guy that I thought was DEAD, told me. I will keep that confidential to protect the innocent. Update on Electric Middle Earth. My shoulder is getting stronger by the day and we hope to get out there within the month. We are supposed to do a show at the Casbah to be on Charter Channel 13. We were on Charter before, when we did the Studio 1 Radio show and they taped it. Date unknown for the
Casbah. Look for our CD soon. Our goal is before Feb. Anyway I do not believe I have said FUCK yet, so FUCK. There, I have joined the crowd. Bruce if your out there and that DEAD guy, do you want to do a show together like the old days???? Now this is what blog is about!!! Get back with us if you want to. Have a surreal day ((((((((((((())))))))))))))


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