Thursday, January 09, 2003


Thanks for putting that song up there. The CD? Well, ok, it's available. I'll make the same offer as Kurt. Send me an e-mail at, and I'll get you a CD. I'll do that at least until I run out of the ones I have, which I think is about 25. And I never thought about seeing if the people on the blog would wanna be on the newsletter list, but hey, if you wanna be a Plez-splanations subscriber, just write to me and ask.

I had just finished teaching yesterday when I got that news about Lattie Collins. He was a member of the 12-year club at University High, meaning he started there in first grade and stayed until graduation. What an incredible shame. Lattie was a real thinker early on. I mean, by the time we were in the fourth or fifth grade, he would give the rest of us these impassioned arguments about the U.N. and the Supreme Court and all. When we were seniors, we all had to make a collage to show what we were "all about." Most people had pictures of Aerosmith and so forth. Lattie, I remember, put a picture of U.N. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick right in the center of his collage, with the words "Great Lady" right under it. You gotta love a guy like that. He lived for Alabama football, too, which used to make me mad and might be one reason I was always an Auburn man without any good reason to be and why I wound up working so hard to get in down there. Anyway, I remember in 1982, when UT finally broke a 12-game losing streak to Alabama. Lattie showed up at school on Monday with a shirt that said, "Revenge will not take 12 years!" Again, you gotta love a guy like that.



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