Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Can't take credit for "moon floss." Unless, er...well, I can't even remember ever seeing that. Was it really stringy toilet paper? I remember writing something I was terribly pleased with in the bathroom in the restaurant part of the Pub. I sacrified an entire scarlet lipstick to accomplish this, but what the hell it was is totally gone. Why do I have this little stump of a memory? Nobody answer that. I remember someone had written "Kurt Hagardorn is sexy as hell" in the bathroom at the Down Home and the "y" in "sexy" had that jr. high curly-que on it. I was miffed at Kurt (this was a LONG time ago, probably '86 or '87) because in an early morning hours food fight at Perkins he had flung cranberry sauce on my white shirt, so I wrote underneath, "More sexy than cranberry sauce." I don't know exactly how that satisfied my urge for retribution, but it did. It also involved my resentment of that "y" and the ball point pen it was written in. Just a polaroid moment for you.

Other mistaken graffiti identity: There was a bench on campus near the Sherrod Library, that around fall of '85 sported the messages "Respect individuality" and "ETSU is soooo standard." I had yet to meet Brook and ascribed this, tragically, to Gretchen...oops, last name gone now. She was in my sculpture class. I heard she got yanked from school for buying pot with a check and writing "drugs" in the memo line. My question is, who the fuck cashed that bad boy? And then there was the peace sign atop the smoke stack at the physical plant, courtesy of Rodney Webb. When they sand-blasted it off, he climbed back up and put a red square there. They couldn't figure that out, so they left it. It was really scary, he said, because the little iron pegs you climbed up there on weren't cemented in and you could pull them out quite easily just by getting the edge of your shoe hung on them. He didn't discover this until he was so far up it was pointless to turn around. Well, I appreciated the effort. When Martin had that Peugeot he had masking tape on the rear window in the shape of a cross, with "Jesus" written on it one way and "Elvis" the other. I was walking down Pine Street when somebody hit Martin and the car in the intersection of Pine and Soutwest Ave. Martin was badly traumatized by the whole thing. I barely knew him at the time but I waited with him til the cops came 'cause I felt so bad for him. I knew they were going to try to give him shit because of the highly decorated and expressive nature of that car, and I just thought that was a damn shame. That may have been the first time I actually ever conversed with him.


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