Friday, January 24, 2003

Eeewww, severed heads. True story. Mike Hilliard lived on the Old Jonesborough Highway, circa 1991. One day he said, "I need you to look at something in the back yard, and tell me if it is what I think it is." Just at the edge of the parking lot, in some weeds, was the head of a horse. It wasn't gross, nothing runny or bloody or partially eaten or mutilated, just kind of dry and shrivelled up and THERE. It was late fall, pretty cold, and the head wasn't breaking down very fast, but it was for-a-fact real. Nobody could come up with ANY explanation, not even one involving aliens. Then one day it just disappeared. It was there for about a week after discovery, then just vanished. Lots of people saw it. We mulled over calling the authorities but never did. No one ever came around asking questions, so presumably nobody else called, either. So that leaves us with not only who put it there, but also who took it away.


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