Wednesday, January 01, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR all you bloggers! I am glad that the Nightmares shows went well and sorry I missed them. I am also glad that my brother Mike is considered Rock n' Roll royalty in JC by some of you guys. I will pass that along. My bro is great isn't he! I would love to do a huge show with all the old bands and do a Rockin' on the River kinda thing this year! Lets do it !!!! Also, can't wait to catch the fri. show on the cable channel 13. If anyone knows when they are going to show it, please email me. Also, I invite one and all to the Casbah on Jan.16 to support Electric Middle Earth. We are going to taped for the Homemade Jam show, We would love to see ya there! This will be my first gig back from my surgery. Once again, any of the old eighties bands that want to do a big show in 2003, lets get organized. How 'bout the Nightmares headlining???? We would love it. Maybe a Floyd Eats Mayberry reunion. Giants Spider Invasion,Pleztones,what happened to Plane Jane?


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