Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

On behalf of the band, Brian, Kurt, Mark, Tad, and myself, I want to thank everyone who came out this weekend. To say these reunion shows were one of the highlights of my year would be an understatement. I am very humbled by the enthusiasm all the people showed us this weekend and I hope we gave back as much as we got. It is all of you that made the Nightmares the band that it was. If it was not for all our fans in JC and the other clubs we played on the chitlin' circuit, this band would have been a footnote in my life. Instead, it has been a life changing experience. All of you are like my extended family and this was a fantastic family reunion.

It has taken several days for me just to process what happened over the weekend before I could begin to write about it on the blog. These last few months of practice with the band and the two shows this weekend has reminded me how much music is a necessary part of my life. I will always make sure that I keep it alive in my soul and I hope all of you do the same.

I want to say a special thanks to the Pleztones. Scott, Drew, James, Hans, Gary, Phil, Ron and of course Scott's dad, the elder megaplez. I'm glad that you chose to share a special weekend with all of us. You guys rocked!

Dan... what can I say. It sounded great on stage and made the shows much easier than they could have been. We could use you a sound engineer like you in Nashville. Thanks!

Many thanks to Burt for allowing us a place to gather and for keeping the club going for 20 years. That is 100 in club years. Here's to the next 20 years! Johnny Be Good!

And I can't forget the Down Home. If they did not exist, I don't think the I would have done the things I did with music. They gave me an outlet for my early musical adventures (Andy Boy, one of the many members of Final Curtain, etc.) when I was in high school as well as a place for the early Nightmares to germinate unencumbered by actually being able to play on stage. Thank god for sunglasses.

Thank you all for one amazing time. I could not think of a more fitting end to 2002.

Everyone be safe tonight and have a Happy New Year!


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