Monday, December 30, 2002

Drunk women having no respect for others? Hopefully, you’re not talking about my wife. Actually, don’t pick on the women, there were some drunk men having no respect for others too. OK, so I had enough to constitute a fearful bar tab, but I think I stayed respectful. Donna had to fend off a very rude encroacher who persisted in holding a cigarette to her face. Finally she pushed him away and told him to back off. After all, we carved out our little spot in front of Kurt and managed to hold ground there for both nights. Saturday I wore an awful coat that didn’t fit and ended up throwing it on the floor and letting Kim Blevins use it as a dance matt since her shoes were killing her and she was dying to take them off.

I had an absolute ball seeing everyone too. Barbara, wow, you looked great, and it was wonderful to see you and Drew again. I even checked in with the mysterious Elizabeth Williams. Gary, I wanted to introduce you to Donna, but the show started, I went nuts, and when the smoke finally cleared I guess you were already gone. Donna said Guffey motioned her over to meet you, but I was somewhere else and she was stuck defending our spot, which had our stuff (drinks, purse, coats, and most importantly, prime dance real estate). Look us up next time you’re in town.

Finally, after the shows we hung around just to gush to the band guys about how great they were. I’ve had a pretty full plate in life lately, so it was a pleasant switch to just be a music fan-boy again for a short while. To the Pleztones and the Nightmares, again, I salute you. How about next Christmas?


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