Tuesday, December 31, 2002

50 years ago tonight - somewheres betwixt Knoxville and Oak Hill, WV - Hank Williams died.

Recorded by: Hank Williams, Sr.
Written by: Hank Williams, Sr.

I can [Am] settle down and be doin' just fine
Til I [E7] hear an old train rollin' down the [Am] line
Then I hurry straight home and pack
And if I [E7] didn't go, I believe I'd blow my [Am] stack
I love you baby, but you gotta understand
When the [E7] Lord made me
He made a Ramblin' [Am] Man.

Some folks might say that I'm no good
That I wouldn't settle down if I could
But when that open road starts to callin' me
There's somethin' o'er the hill that I gotta see
Sometimes it's hard but you gotta understand
When the Lord made me, He made a Ramblin' Man.

I love to see the towns a-passin' by
And to ride these rails 'neath God's blue sky
Let me travel this land from the mountains to the sea
'Cause that's the life I believe He meant for me
And when I'm gone and at my grave you stand
Just say God called home your Ramblin' Man.

See Wayne Bledsoe's Articles from the knoxnews.com site:

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