Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I have an idea. I just caught up with the Blog, and I noticed a couple of people have asked about getting the old Johnson City bands back together for a "Rockin' on the River" kind of thing. Of course, there were also people at the shows over the weekend asking when they might come out and hear the Pleztones again, and I'm sure the Nightmares got even more of those sorts of questions than we did.

I say, let's get ALL of the old bands back together for a weekend festival with a couple of twists to it. First off, any J.C. band from the era is invited. If your band made even one dollar professionally in J.C. between 1985 and 1990, you're in. Second, you are not allowed to play your own band's music. That is, you'd have, say, Stinky Finger performing as the F-ing Prudes and that sort of thing. The final rule is that no single performer could play his or her usual instrument, so you'd have Mark Ryalls on harmonica as the Nightmares perform as the Southside Sheiks.

Since it's my idea, the Pleztones get the first pick. We're gonna be Plane Jane Has a Date. I will play the drums and do modernist painting. Drew on digital delay guitar. Stig on bass, vocals, and hair.

I volunteer to be musical director of this festival. All old J.C. bands, please register your choices with me. Once a band is chosen, no other band can do that one.


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