Friday, January 17, 2003

Things do change with the tellin', but you have to keep grape juice bottled up for awhile to make wine. Tee hee. Does wine violate the spirit of the grape, or represent it in a more potent form? Arrrrrrrrg. Couple of points: I for one wasn't making any statements about museum-worthiness, I was just trying to fucking REMEMBER, period. Nonetheless, I do see the similarity in that we are collecting stuff primarily from another era, one that has to be dead or else it would still be the same era as now. I think we do all have the sense that something's gone, and we can say THAT without saying that nothing now is interesting or that today's a complete void. More interesting, though, is the question of whether or not our 20something selves would've seen this endevour as silly. I'm inclined to say that yes indeed, we might have skittered away from it claiming something like inherent goofiness in the project. We might have blogged about something, but not about ourselves. I think as a whole we were extremely documentation-phobic, which is why there's a need to put the blog to its current (obstensible but forgiving) purpose. I see that phobia as really a kind of self-consciousness, the exact kind of inability to take ourselves seriously enough to feel like all this stuff is worth documenting that I was talking about in the my very first post. I see that rearing its head still in a tiny way here; I just think that's an interesting finding. Almost a determination to seek self-effacement, in stark opposition to the All-American quest for noise and lights and un-earned kudos and big paychecks and 15 mins. of the f-word.


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