Sunday, February 09, 2003

Gee, I go without posting a few days and the whole place goes all to hell.....

OK, my two cents on Iraq for what it is worth (probably about 2 cents would be my guess).

Some of you may know that my son is now out of school and has joined the army. I bring this up because Friday I spoke to a Republican friend who lambasted me for not supporting the military. Bull shit! I can support the military just fine without believing in an unjustified war. And by the way Chris (Edwards) is at Ft. Benning and I ask you all to keep this brave young man in your thoughts and prayers. I also ask all to remember that when King George sends another 250,000 troops to the desert, that each has a mommy and daddy, brothers and sisters, wives and children at home worried and fretful.

I note that even a conservative like Tom Clancey is quoted that “War is nothing but theft writ large,” and l believe that this war is about oil.

Also Chris (Slaughter) I personally believe that World War II was justifiable, but I am not sure if I am reading you right.....


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