Saturday, February 08, 2003

On the Right to Bear Absolutely Impotent Arms:
The right to bear a puny gun is an empty promise. And I'm tired of hearing NRA true-believers proppin that tired one up every time they open their mouths. Do you REALLY think this young government of professional politicians and money-changers is going to let any of us have access to any genuine means of overthrowing it? Right. Just try building a bomb or buying a tank and see where that gets you. BUT, according to a number of our founding rich landowners -- EACH of us should have that RIGHT! Right? Just admit it. You like guns. You like the noise. You like the beauty and simplicity of design and its singular effectiveness. You like the way it feels in your hands, the smell in the air after its been fired. You like seeing the effect of a bullet hitting an object. You like developing your skill with the gun. You like cleaning it. You like admiring its industrial craftsmanship. You like reading about them and collecting them. You like knowing that you could, if you wanted to, inspire fear or command respect. You like to think that it can somehow help you maintain control over your life, over unforeseeable, horribe events. You like guns, you like guns, you like guns. BUT -- I'm sorry, a gun aint a bomb -- you can drop all the guns you want on a tyrannical politician's fortress of concrete and steel and it aint going to do jack shit. If you REALLY buy that this 'right' to bear arms business has any MEANING at all -- I best be seeing ya'll workin to get me some fucking guided missles. And one of them bombs that melts human flesh but leaves buildings standing! Boy, wouldnt that come in handy! They should call it the 'tidy' bomb.


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