Monday, February 24, 2003

Super Wal Mart in Elizabethton. Well, since Wal Mart is already firmly entrenched in Elizabethton, it doesn't really make much of a difference I don't think, with the exception of adding another grocery store into the competition (god, what a miserable place to get freakin' groceries). I've heard there has been some local retailors objecting, but as someone who wrote to the Johnson City Press recently said, Wal Mart doesn't sell antiques anyway. That said, the only store I hate going in worse than Elizabethton's Wal Mart is Johnson City's Super Wal Mart. So I will definitely not be a shopper at the new super hell-hole (insert all comments lamenting the homogenization of our society here). Speaking of Elizabethton, I have heard on occasion that a couple of decades back, Elizabethton somehow rebuffed Anheiser-Busch from locating a production plant there. God forbid high-paying jobs should have come to town, making a product already sold all through town. But, I'm not sure exactly what happened.

One more aside on the Iraq thing, I read through parts of a book today at the library titled The Threatening Storm: the case for invading Iraq by Kenneth Pollack. It's well organized and probably makes the best case I've heard of why we have no choice but to invade. I read a couple of parts where the author might still be differing with the current administration, one where he felt that Al Qaeda should be properly defanged before going on to Iraq (insert duct tape jokes here). So there's a thought on the other side to balance some of my rants.

Finally, I loved the Plez story about calling the fire department on the Nightmares show; too funny. Had they actually busted up the crowd, I'm sure the plan would have worked...


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