Thursday, February 20, 2003

That was a scary Frontline tonight. So the Hawks are in control at the Bush Whitehouse. Clearly recognized as dangerous and unworkable by Bush 41, Bush 43 has now converted to the cause of the right-wing Hawks. Colin Powell has effectively lost in the tug of war for the President's ear. It is clear that going to war with Iraq is only the first step in a far broader plan. The entire middle east, then North Korea; all to be democratized. Iraq is merely the first step. Against the will of the world, the world will undergo a series of wars to reshape the world in our image. Now, democracy is a good thing, to be sure, but it is not clear by no means how easy it will be to sweep through and set up democratic nations. Hell, its not clear that we can successfully do it in any nation. For that matter, we're having our own problems with democracy in the United States. This plan is crazy and very dangerous. our allies and many foriegn policy experts don't think this will work; many in the current defense department believe this is wrong, and they purposefully leaked it to the media in hopes of exposing it to the light of public strutiny, before the 2002 elections. But we the people blew it, and Bush interprets the elections as a mandate to proceed.

Another point became clear from this show; while the President may believe he is dealing with terrorism, our focus and foriegn policy has effectively been coopted by this dramatic shift to the doctrine of preemptive military action. This is a first in our country. So really, if we have to draw WW II comparison, as I have read so much of on the web lately, Nazi Germany adopted much of this strategy too. Our country must not become an invader, an agressor; yet it is here before our eyes, all without much credible debate, thanks to coward politicians and a corporate whore media.

I have talked to people who believe that 9/11 gives us a mandate to do whatever we want in the world. I have talked to people that claim the mere fact that Iraq didn't apologize for 9/11, even though it didn't do it, is reason enough for war. I have talked to people that advocate nuclear responses to those that resist our military campaigns. Is this what we want? Does this sound consistent with our country's history?

Next post I'll try and lighten up some, but I'm revved up right now.


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