Friday, February 14, 2003

Dink, in the Vietnam era, about the time of Kent State, ETSU was one of the few colleges in america to host a pro-vietnam war rally.... so really they have come along way.

Brook,,,, are you saying George Bush and company have lied to us???? My faith in humanity is lost,,, I feel so dirty and used, it is like the passing of innocence...... no, wait a minute, it isn't at all like that, IT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT OF THE PARTY THAT SPAWNED LIMBAUGH, O'REILLY AND THE LOT,,, A BUNCH OF FUCKING LIARS,,,, LIARS EVERYONE OF THEM!! DON'T BELEIVE A FUCKING THING THEY SAY, THEY ARE LIARS!!!!! How can you tell a Republican/Conservative is lying?? Their mouth is moving!! (and they may have their hands on the Holy Bible, because they are a bunch of fucking hypocrites too!!!)

On the other hand, the code orange gives me another chance to say: GO VOLS!!!

There, I feel better now......


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