Wednesday, February 12, 2003

True story from the garage at my dealership:

Q: "How do you get rid of the sticky goo left behind when you remove duct tape?"

A: "Why would you remove duct tape?........ What would cause you to do that?"

Remember kids, duct tape and WD-40 are the yin and yang of the american tool box! ( that according to the Bob and Tom show, which we don't get around here anymore)

One more true story. Two summers ago I traveled to New Mexico backpacking with a group of boy scouts I work with, One of the kids had made his wallet out of duct tape, and it looked and fuctioned like any wallet would, except that it was all silver and canvas textured. More amazingly he had a photo of the tux he had worn to his prom, or planned to, that was likewise made of our silver adhesive companion, duct tape. The fit appeared quite good, though I would not reccommend dancing in it.


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