Sunday, February 09, 2003

Chris’ post about life in Baghdad should go out to every major newspaper. He stated some legitimate concerns that our media never will. And that picture of the "mile of death" is a good example of the level of "reporting" we got (or rather didn’t get) from the Desert Storm round. I went back and looked at that series of photos; it’s infuriating that these pictures are basically below the American radar. What really makes me sick is when Bush goes on about concerns for the Iraqi people being a contributing factor for war. Bull shit. He doesn’t give a toss about the Iraqi people. If it was really all about the people, we wouldn’t be gearing up to bomb them back to the stone-age.

One of the major complaints against Saddam is that he has killed many innocents, so in retaliation, we will go bomb many innocents. People won’t even give it much thought really. Even when it happens, there are plenty of other channels to tune in to anyway. If we were really so concerned about civilians, we would risk our own lives and go in without bombing an entire city. If all the war supporters were really so concerned they should consult the handy links Chris provided and enlist. Other countries on the UN Security Council, such as Russia, France and Germany are formulating a plan to have more inspectors and a UN peacekeeping force rather than war. It still doesn’t have to be war; there are still other ways that can be tried. Didn’t the concept of "last resort" used to be associated with war?

Bill Edwards, all the best to your son. Chris Slaughter, I don’t think we ever really met, but next time you’re in JC I owe you a beer or something for so ably expressing your most righteous anger about this most serious and saddening situation in the world. Barbara, met your mom recently at the library, we talked about the Nightmares reunion a bit; nice lady. One more round of reunion shows would be nice before the world blows up. Maybe next time it could be Plez, Stinky Finger, and the Nightmares...


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