Thursday, February 13, 2003

"Algore"- a Limbaugh nickname. Nobody mentioned Al Gore in the blog recently as far as I can recall, but since you did: Al Gore won, Bush just stole the presidency
that's all. Recently I started reading "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore. The opening chapter re-shocked me all over again about our American coup. Thousands of legal, law abiding black citizens thrown off the voter rolls in Florida. In some districts blacks were kept from the voting booths at gunpoint. I'm not going to get over it, and nobody should. Welcome to the United Banana Republic of America.

I ran across some skateboarding pictures. This one is Mr. Gary Miller catching an air at Kona skate park in Jacksonville FL circa a decade or two ago. I recently saw a really good movie about skateboarding: Dogtown and Z Boys.


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