Friday, March 07, 2003

"Also you refer to the target abortion protestors as "non-violent"....exactly how is setting off a bomb at Olympic Park in Atlanta, as abortion protestor Eric Rudolph did, a "non-violent" event?? Is this the "compassionate conservative" version of "non-violent?" Or how about the guy in New England currently on trial for shooting a women's clinic Doctor? Would you compare him with Martin Luther King? How wrong do you need to be???" Bill Edwards.

"As to that last paragraph, you begin by regaling us with a story of "well meaning individuals" blockading as abortion clinic ( clearly the type off non-violent civil disobediance I was defending in my blog ) and suddenly your into bombings and shootings by criminals ( not "protestors" ) in a pitiful attempt to portray what I wrote as something other than what it was. That is despicable" T.Cecil.

When you put those two statements side by side, it's easy to see that T. Cecil has not picked up on one or two crucial details in his egomaniacal rantings. And by the way - fish swim and lack the physiolgy to do much else, let alone shoot guns, silly rabbit.


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