Thursday, March 06, 2003

Well for one thing Tony, in your 3/1 post you say that a woman seeking an abortion has no right to be unimpeded in entering a clinic,,, as a matter of fact, she does. Also you assume that the protestors are only impedeing those seeking abortions, actually they impede everybody trying to enter, and as pointed out by at least one other post, not everyone entering a womens clinic is going there for an abortion, Do you feel that women seeking mammography should be harassed by screaming and taunting republicans? And please don't tell me that does not happen. In 1988 the Tinglehoff crowd decided to lock hands and block a womens clinic in Bristol. As a result several were arrested and my office ended up supervising several of these folks. Now actually they were really nice, well meaning individuals and were a breeze to supervise. Just imagine the look on their faces when we told them that no abortions were scheduled on the day they were arrested (in fairness they had protested for several days.)
Also you refer to the target abortion protestors as "non-violent".... exactly how is setting off a bomb at Olympic Park in Atlanta, as abortion protestor Eric Rudolph did, a "non-violent "event?? Is the the "compassionate conservative" version of "non-violent?" Or how about the guy in New England currently on trial for shooting a women's clinic Doctor? Would you compare him with Martin Luther King? How wrong did you need to be???


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