Monday, March 03, 2003

You're kidding!!! Rooster Fights??? Well Hells Bells - let's get that action back!
You know Dink, evolution should apply to everything. You know why these small five and dime stores fell by the wayside? People didn't appear to support them, but they did support Super Wal-Mart. Things come and go, civilzations rise and fall, Dynasties collapse, and critters become extinct everyday. And so it goes with rooster fights and downtown areas of neglect. It could be worse Dink - It could be like Nashville and be taken over by Gaylord Entertainment, you could end up with a Planet Hollywood, a Nascar Cafe, and loft apartments that are just way the hell too expensive for anyone to live in. Then, 2 years later you can watch all that collapse as well.


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