Sunday, March 02, 2003

Politics? Is that what it's come down to now? If that's all that's what all the grey matter is about now, then let me weigh in for a moment with a few musings from a guy who doesn't make politics a hobby.
George W. is the most laughable character in Washington since Oliver North and George Sr. were jamming at the White House. And let us not forget that the George's have the most remarkable history of absolutly no economic growth in the country whatsoever. I have to agree with Elizabeth about Clinton being the better politician. I would've voted for him again. Liar! Sex fiend! Is that what you're thinking? Well so fucking what. I would not have cared in they had 2 lines of women going in to see him every day - he got the job done! And lord knows he's not the first one to occupy the White House with lovers, male and/or female, or used his position to grab every perk he could lay his hands on. I fault him only for having a jones for ugly women. The rest of it was between Hilery and himself.
As for Saddam Hussien, what of him? He's not our problem. George W is the most dangerous man in the world today. I'll take Elwood Blues' view on the topic; "Let's throw out the archaic Marshall plan and stay at home for the next 10 years!"
But if we MUST deal with Hussien, then hire the Mousaud to go in first and then back the Israeli Army, the undisputed Badasses of the World, to handle the mop up operation. It's more economical than a head first illegal invasion on our part.
I make NO apologies for the spelling! Damn!


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